About Daigo

“Any attempt to express the unknown will utterly fail. How can one express something beyond expressions? But it is what it is. May be a failed attempt, but it is a beautiful one. That’s the beauty of living, the essence of the superconsciousness flowing through the stream of consciousness. Why not express that even the sky is not the limit? Spread to every corner of possibilities this body is capable of.” Says Daigo.

Rejoicing, expressing, exploding and exhausting has been his way of ‘being’ and it has been manifesting in every possible way. His expression can not be contained or defined in any one particular medium. That is the beauty of it; which also creates an immense space for the observer/audience to explore the vastness of the unknown within, by going towards an unmoving centre. And the batten passes on and on by creating limitless possibilities for all!

Daigo is continuously transcending all the boundaries that are known and unknown yet remain at the unmoving centre. That's why he beautifully expresses, “I am galloping the miles of joy laid in front of me. It feels so right whichever way I go..!”

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